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Secondary Literacy
The following series for Secondary age children as organised by Reading age - ranging from RA5 to RA15. Most have a much higher Interest level making them useful for Reluctant readers.
  • Reading Age 5-7 Interest Age 12-16 Meet Steve Sharp - an Afro-Caribbean detective trying to do the right thing in the tough world of gangsters and organised crime. The books take the form of short stories with simple language to help older struggling and reluctant readers.

  • The Dark Man series has won great acclaim for its ability to engage older, very reluctant readers. Starting at just 200 words a book and focusing on the key high frequency words, Dark Man offers older readers strong, atmospheric storylines combined with powerful black and white illustrations. Reading age 5-8, Interest Age 11 and up.

  • Trailblazers is a series of books for older children, particularly boys, who are reluctant readers or are struggling to read.

  • A series of powerful and dramatic first person, second-by-second accounts of daring sports, stunts and missions. Low word counts and controlled vocabularies are accompanied by fantastic full-colour photographs that take readers right to the heart of the action.

  • From footlights to back stage, this new series uses the appeal of the performing arts to engage the reader. Starstruck titles have a strong girl appeal and follow the format of the popular Trailblazers books.

  • Simplified versions of original Barrington Stoke fiction titles in a format designed to be easier for pupils who are struggling to read.

  • Ideal as class novels that all students can enjoy - your pupils will be captivated! Several titles in this range are dyslexia friendly - look for the red sticker!

  • A collection of gritty, gripping, fast-paced, relevant stories by award-winning authors. With reading ages 7 and 8, and a teen interest level, these books are good for reluctant readers. All books have off-white paper and special typeface, making them particularly suitable for dyslexic readers.

  • Siti's Sisters is a series of books about Siti and her three friends Donna, Lu Kelly and Rachel. It is a multi-cultural series of readers that are ideal for girls and struggling readers. Part of the Accelerated Reader and Catch Up Literacy programmes.

  • Highlights is a series of original works of fiction aimed at pupils aged 10-15 years who are reading below level. Covers a range of genres, with a reading age of 7 - 9.5 years.

  • This range of graphic novels is designed to be easier to read, with beautifully illustrated pages and topics covering Shakespeare, Myths and Legends, Heroes and Classic titles for all to enjoy. A wide interest level, covering age 9 to young adult.

  • Zone 13 are exciting, action-packed stories that will appeal to children aged 8 to 14 with a love of the unexplained. These stories are very varied: some are comic, while others have dark and gripping themes.

  • Fast-paced, high-action space adventures in chapter book format. Each book features carefully controlled vocabulary and simple sentence structures throughout. The short chapters and imaginative black and white illustrations make for another great series. Part of the Accelerated Reader and Catch Up Literacy programmes.

  • This is a gripping and edgy reinvention of the vampire genre. Mixing the contemporary world of YouTube and smartphones with the centuries-old, traditional vampires of yesteryear, these must-read books have high appeal for both boys and girls.

  • Read Reads are retellings of great literature, each story fitted into a 64 page book. the books make classic stories, dramas and histories available to young readers as a bridge to full texts, to language students wanting access to other cultures, and to teen readers who are unlikely to read the original versions.

  • Shades 2.0 books are fast-paced shorter novels with just 64 pages each. Intended for older readers who may find longer books too daunting, they have a Reading Age of 9-10 and an Interest level of 12+. They are also part of the Accelerated Reader program, and have AR levels between 2.2 and 5.2.

  • Deep End is a core literacy series for Key Stage 2/3, Levels P4 to P8. There are Fiction and Non-Fiction books at each year group, fully supported by Teacher Resource Books. Each Teacher Resource Book has a CD ROM for use on interactive white boards.

  • A new series of fiction reading books with a particular focus on key PSHE (personal, social and health education) topics. With a high interest age of 13+ and a moderate reading age of 10+ these books are also ideal for reluctant and struggling readers.

  • Thematically paired books that bridge the gap between literacy and technology.

  • Reading Quest is a software programme, with associated Chapter Books, written for a target audience of reluctant teenage readers with very low reading ages. It consists of four separate Quests that have ascending reading age levels.