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Trailblazers is a series of books for older children, particularly boys, who are reluctant readers or are struggling to read.
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Fantastic Books for Struggling Readers

The Books

The books are beautifully illustrated in full colour, covering topics with high appeal. Each book contains a mix of non-fiction and fiction, beginning with an illustrated non-fiction section, followed by a fiction story based on the topic.

The fiction story appears in two formats - one with simple texts for poor or reluctant readers; the facing pages contain an illustrated 'speech bubble' version of the same story, for those who are just starting to read.


Each workbook contains 8 worksheets for each title and are fully photocopiable. The worksheets are graded, with 4 worksheets designed for pupils experiencing the greatest difficulties, with the remaining 4 being more challenging in both vocabulary and content.

Customer reviews
"The choice of topics and content appeal to many. Boys in particular prefer street credible non-fiction and are drawn to the visual information. The fiction story is an unexpected bonus and a great way to encourage further reading"
- Victoria Crivelli, Worcestershire