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Sparklers Asian Stories
Sparklers Asian Stories are high interest, well written, contemporary and often quirky stories of characters set across Asia and the Pacific Rim. The response to Sparklers is always good and itC"b,b"s because of the stories C"b,b the characters feel real and thatC"b,b"s an important part of their appeal. Kids relate to them, enjoy the stories and then want to read more.
Key features
Sparklers Asian Stories
  • Students follow characters their own age in their local environments – at school, at home, in the village, visiting local landmarks – so they can observe everyday life in another culture.
  • Students explore How are their lives different to mine? Who works in their families and how? What are THEIR everyday challenges?
  • Each beautifully illustrated book includes photography of the local setting; an illustrated glossary; country map and key country statistics; map of the story’s narrative structure and comprehension questions.
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