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Siti's Sisters
Siti's Sisters is a series of books about Siti and her three friends Donna, Lu Kelly and Rachel. It is a multi-cultural series of readers that are ideal for girls and struggling readers. Part of the Accelerated Reader and Catch Up Literacy programmes.
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Multi-Cultural Readers Ideal for Girls

Siti has three really, really good mates Donna, Lu Kelly and Rachel. They have been mates forever and are so close that Siti calls them her sisters, and that's how they think of themselves.

Key Features

  • Storylines that girls of 10 to 14 will identify closely with
  • Strong, contemporary illustartions to support the texts
  • The books are designed not to patronise readers and simple, carefully written texts provide access for even the poorest readers
  • Each of the Siti's Sisters reading books is supported by a selection of eight worksheets. These worksheets cover comprehension of the story, formal sentence level work and opportunities for creative writing. Each worksheet has its own section in the teacher's notes within the workbook, where the tasks are fully explained.
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