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Boys love PIG! Overcome reluctance to read at a stroke with Peter Ian Green, Pig for short. Our hero has many hilarious adventures in this bestselling series. C"b,KHandwrittenC"b,b" by Pig himself in a diary format and coupled with fantastic black-and-white illustrations, the laugh-out-loud humour and tale of friendship provide page-turning reads and quick wins for struggling readers.
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Engaging Stories - Written by PIG Himself!
  • Great for the Wimpy Kid generation, Pig attends Coalpits Road High School (or ‘The Pits’ as it is known locally) and lives with his mum. Pig is 12 and small for his age, but says his mum is huge for hers.
  • The Pig reading books are all supported by workbooks containing worksheets specific to each title, as well as detailed teacher’s notes and advice on working with the resources.
  • The reading books are best read in sequence, but this isn’t strictly necessary … and now there are POLISH versions too.
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