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Books for reluctant readers
  • One of RansomC"b,b"s most popular new series, Toxic encourages reluctant readers with fast-moving action and adventurous themes.

  • Paperbacks written specifically for young struggling or reluctant readers following the guidelines provided by The British Dyslexia Association. The average book length is 75 pages.

  • Get them giggling and you've got their attention!

    Gigglers are humorous stories to motivate even your most reluctant reader. Full-colour illustrations bring these funny stories to life. These books are popular across a range of ages because humour is the one thing that all kids like. The first set of Gigglers series has very short, easy to read stories and the length and complexity of the stories grow as you progress up the levels of Gigglers.

  • A series of levelled reading books covering popular non-fiction topics, with particular appeal to older readers. The 24 full-colour titles offer reading ability progression over four levels.

  • Trailblazers is a series of books for older children, particularly boys, who are reluctant readers or are struggling to read.

  • A Set of 8 beautiful full-colour readers to engage low ability primary readers.

  • Solo is a set of short, dyslexia-friendly novels that offer an easier introduction to real books. With clear illustrations on every page, these books are ideal for raising self-esteem and reading ages.

  • Simplified versions of original Barrington Stoke fiction titles in a format designed to be easier for pupils who are struggling to read.

  • Zone 13 are exciting, action-packed stories that will appeal to children aged 8 to 14 with a love of the unexplained. These stories are very varied: some are comic, while others have dark and gripping themes.

  • A series of powerful and dramatic first person, second-by-second accounts of daring sports, stunts and missions. Low word counts and controlled vocabularies are accompanied by fantastic full-colour photographs that take readers right to the heart of the action.

  • Siti's Sisters is a series of books about Siti and her three friends Donna, Lu Kelly and Rachel. It is a multi-cultural series of readers that are ideal for girls and struggling readers. Part of the Accelerated Reader and Catch Up Literacy programmes.

  • The Spook Squad is a series of books following the adventures of Roxy, Leena, Nita, Emma and (whether they want him or not) Rattle the poltergeist. Aimed at girls and reluctant readers, they have Reading Age of 8 but a wider interest level of 7-12.

  • GirlFriendZ follows the most popular band in a world where music is forbidden and musicians are hunted by MIB (Music is Banned) agents. Follow Kelly, Yaz, Olivia, Eve and Charlotte as they go on the run, playing secret concerts and using mucis as a weapon to fight back! Exciting action-packed stories that will appeal to particularly to girls aged 8 to 12. The stories are best read in order, although this isn't essential.

  • Engage your fiction-resistant readers with our fun, fact-filled titles packed with cross-curricular learning opportunities.

  • From footlights to back stage, this new series uses the appeal of the performing arts to engage the reader. Starstruck titles have a strong girl appeal and follow the format of the popular Trailblazers books.

  • NEW, hilarious books for struggling and reluctant readers - perfect for girls who are not in the habit of reading.